"I have been working at the piano with Jim Porter for only a couple of months, but I have already achieved several satisfying breakthroughs with music I had struggled with for years. As an adult pianist virtually at a standstill, Jim has helped me to advance and see myself on a new plateau of music making. 

Jim's approach is innovative and his way of explaining his ideas has allowed me to actually implement what had hitherto been abstract concepts. In each lesson Mr. Porter is able to pinpoint exactly where my focus should be, given my current state of readiness, and provide the guidance to deal with existing problems.

Mr. Porter is a friendly and encouraging teacher and I look forward to continuing our work together. I am confident he is helping me become the pianist I've always wanted to be."

Franklin Tartaglione

"Returning to my musical studies at this point in my life was in itself a challenge. One of the major things that assisted me in overcoming those challenges is the type of teacher that I have in Jim Porter. 

Jim has provided a door for me to enter in. I will always be grateful for his assistance in expanding my horizons of culture, art, and spirituality. As a direct result of his teaching style and passionate commitment to teaching music, I am reaching my highest potential in a field I had long desired to participate in."

Z. Glenn Jones

"Jim Porter's unique teaching methods have radically changed my son Jack's relationship to learning music. Practicing piano is no longer a chore to be completed, but rather an exciting way of furthering his enjoyment and knowledge of music. He progresses more quickly and the love of music with which we are all born is deeply nurtured. My nine year old wants to work on his pieces and does so on his own. Jim Porter has fostered my son's natural skills, leaving him motivated and encouraged in his abilities and passion for music. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Paula Rockwell

"Hi Jim:

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable evening, with great music and wonderful company of people, not to mention the delicious food. It was an evening to be remembered. 

Your piano performance left me breathless.

Thank you so much again for inviting me."

Leon Nicholas Kalas

"To Jim Porter,

Thank you for the wonderful help you gave me with preparing for my piano proficiency. I really appreciate the time and patience you provided when teaching me how to play my pieces. I am proud to announce that I did pass my piano proficiency and I owe you all the thanks. Thank you once again."

Nia Babb