Learn a broad range of skills and establish a strong foundation in all aspects of music.

These skills are of great value in any area of musical pursuit, artistically and professionally.

  • Read music and play directly from the page as easily as reading a book.
  • Acquire a technique that enables you to play music with ease.
  • Learn and play with an exciting rhythmic flow that makes practice a pleasure.
  • Adopt methods of practice which get results in the shortest possible time.
  • Understand music theory and develop your creative abilities.

All lessons are taught, one-on-one, in my air conditioned studio on my Steinway concert grand piano.

In 2015, my beautiful rosewood Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D, built in 1879, was lovingly restored to BRAND NEW CONDITION.


Children are a pleasure to teach, each being taught as an individual working from his or her strengths outward. 

Every effort is made to instill a love of music in my students and to encourage and help them learn at their own pace. 
Parents are welcome at the lessons.

I look forward to meeting you!