Mr. Porter has spent over 45 years developing unique and highly effective methods of playing and practicing, that enable a person of average ability* to play difficult passages with spontaneity and ease. After 5 years of studying music, piano and organ at the University of North Texas, he was accepted to study with the internationally acclaimed pianist and performer, John Kamitsuka, a master teacher of the direct lineage from the legendary teacher, Abby Whiteside.

*The average ability of students who have seriously studied the piano.

All lessons are taught, one-on-one, in my air conditioned studio on my Steinway concert grand piano.

In 2015, my beautiful rosewood Steinway Concert Grand Piano, Model D, built in 1878, was lovingly restored to BRAND NEW CONDITION.



Students are expected to work, and recommended daily practice is of sufficient amount of time to make noticeable and significant progress. Missed lessons are expected to be made up within the semester. A minimum of one semester of study is required. Extensions of the semester or other package can no longer be granted without extreme, emergency reasons. Refunds are not offered. Only a limited number of beginners will be accepted. Students are accepted by audition only - this does not mean you need to perform a great work wonderfully - I simply need to see that you are prepared to learn what I am teaching.